Introduction : Where are your standing

When money is a source of stress, that stress influence all aspects of your life. People who worried about money get more migraines, ulcers, anxiety and severe depression. Money stress can cause a serious negative effect on the way our body function. It can also interfere with your friendships and family relationships. If money stress is affecting your life in general, do not ignore it.

Accepting your financial situation is the first step in ensuring that you don't continue to make the same mistakes. "In the online Stress in America survey in August by Harris Interactive for the American Psychological Association, 76% of the 1,134 adults surveyed cited money as a cause of stress. Last year, 71% did. For the 1,037 parents of kid's ages 8-17 also surveyed, 80% cited money as a stressor."

"People are generally unaware of their money scripts and how their self defeating behaviors are linked to them".

Ted Klnotz

Anxiety over money can affect your health by:

  • Denial: you can become numb by drinking, smoking , overeating, etc
  • Lack of self-care: includes eating junk food, not taking care of your body , lack of exercise and sleep problems
  • Unhealthy emotions. You can experience anxiety, frustration, hopelessness and anger.

The development of a healthy self esteem involves 5 dimensions:

  1. Your body
  2. Your mind
  3. Your spirituality
  4. Your thoughts
  5. Your emotions

When it comes to money the main problem is not "money" is the relationship you have with the money, you will have to work inside with you mind, thoughts and emotions dimensions. You have to understand first that your behaviors with money are driven by your beliefs. How these beliefs are created?. They are created in your childhood.. Very early in life, you internalized messages about money regarding what money is, what is the meaning of it and what its promises.

T. Harv Eker explains this really clearly:


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If you want to change your results, your will need to change your thoughts, your "roots." This will help you understand why... NOT HAVING ENOUGH MONEY IS NEVER, EVER A PROBLEM!. Not having enough money is a RESULT! .If a problem exists, it's in your thinking and how that thinking manifests through feelings and actions to produce your results.Some of the top beliefs I have discover I had about money are:

  • There will never be enough money
  • Your net worth equals your self worth
  • Money is bad
  • Money is unimportant
  • You don't deserve money
  • You can never be happy if you are rich
  • You can't trust anyone with money
  • You must work hard for money

Beside the beliefs about money, one of the most important aspects I found was that I was living on denial. Denial is one of the low self esteem symptoms I talk about in my article: low self-esteem signs. How living on denial manifested in my financial life?.

  • I never thought about making money
  • I volunteer all the time
  • I did not have a budget
  • I used my credit cards to buy things I could not afford, ignoring completely that I have to pay them back.

When it comes to money I think the best strategy to use is to work on your beliefs about money (the relationship you have with money) and raise your levels of self esteem so that you will be more likely to take risks, be self motivated, see failure as a challenge, stop blaming yourself, make better choices, ask for help, have clear goals and belief in yourself.When it comes to money we have to understand that most of our money scripts come from beliefs that are spoken to us by authority figures, specially our parents.

If you grow up in a family were your parents worry about money all the time, you might now feel insecure and fearful about finances. Or you might came from a wealthy family but when you were growing up you experienced a lot of emotional pain and now you associate money with family dysfunction.

Your beliefs about money are neither good nor bad, but if they are not serving you to reach your dreams it is better to become conscious of them and change them.