Money is Bad

This is a belief that comes from believing that "Money is the root of evil". When I was growing up my father used to read the Bible and he mentioned all the time the verse that say: "Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to squeeze through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to get into the kingdom of God."

Because of this belief I internalized the idea that money was bad and was the root of evil. When you have this belief you conclude that you don't want to have money because is bad and you want to get into the Kingdom of God. This unconscious belief led me to believe more things about money:

  • Rich people are bad; therefore I don't want to be rich
  • It is better be poor and enter the kingdom of Heaven

Plus, every time I got home, before eating dinner, my father used to say: "Go and wash your hands because you might have touch money that is dirty". Can you image? Having these beliefs kept me living in scarcity, trying to get rid of all the money that came my way.

Now I understand that money is not bad, it is the use of money that can be good or bad. However, don't get me wrong, money will not change you. If you are a bad person and you get a lot of money you will do wrong things with money, but if you are a good person and you get a lot of money , you will do good things with money.

If you believe that money is bad, you will probably earn a lower wage and you might spend your money right away. If you hold this belief you might come to the conclusion that: "If I avoid success and wealth I won't be a bad person" . People that hold this belief link money is bad with: "If I am wealthy I will be a bad person".

Here is an example of this belief in my life:

Belief: Money is bad
Feelings: guilt
Actions: overspending
Result: financially dependent